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How does this work?

After you have added yourself to our list of creators we will match you with projects. We have projects coming to make use of the virtual studio infrastructure. These projects also need talented creative professionals to make the animation. That's where you come in! Once you are on a project you will be given access to the platform and can immediately start working!  

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What do I need?

Well that's the awesome part. In the virtual studio, we provide everything for you! The infrastructure, the applications, the licenses, the rendering. Everything! All you need are your skillz and a good, stable internet connection. Woo!
Nimble Collective allows me to do what I love and be close to the people I love. 

Mack Bo Ross Freelance Animator

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Is Nimble Collective a studio?

Nope. Meaning we don't actually produce our own content. Except for fun, obviously. However, we DO provide everything a studio needs to produce content. So if you want to start a studio, just use us! 
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Can studios use Nimble's platform?

Yes yes yes! We would love to take care of all the pipeliney, techy, shumutzy stuff for you. If you are a studio and want to use us as your tech backbone or vehicle for expansion please contact us! We are excited to work with you.
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